Who am I? 
Hello! My name is Teresa Warren. Born and raised in Conway, Arkansas, I lived with my hard-working immigrant mother who raised five children and showed us love beyond measure. As a child, I began drawing from magazines. My focus was faces: eyes, lips, noses, hair. With my love for portraits came my love for movies and pop culture. With my love of these subjects came my love for arts. I dabbled in all of it growing up, so you will find a plethora of work in various mediums ranging but not limited to drawing, painting, etching, sculpting, and photography. Although movies are my thing, I enjoy reproducing images of subjects including sports figures, musicians, mythological creatures, pets, and other animals. 
My goal here is to make a career of my passion and to share the beauty of the world through my eyes. That is, share the beauty in faces, portraits, movies, animals, and all other visual arts. I believe everyone should be able to afford a unique and amazing work of art, and not everyone should be wealthy to enjoy one. 
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